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How Should People Deal With A Divorce Attorney?

How should people deal with a divorce attorney?

Here is my advice if you identify as someone in need of legal representation, first sit down with an attorney and I mean face to face unless impossible and discuss your legal situation and if you get a strong feeling of trust and honesty from that lawyer then, discuss your financial situation with them. I, like many of my colleagues in San Antonio and South Texas who practice family law, are solo practitioners. Never settle for anything less than meeting an attorney in person and don’t be afraid to negotiate payment arrangements with a family lawyer you feel will have your best interest at heart going forward. Hiring an attorney will involve sacrifice, but for maybe the very few of us with financial wealth but just like any other necessary financial obligation we all maintain, it can be made affordable and a realistic payment plan can be negotiated and if maintained faithfully your legal issues can and will be sorted out and resolved.

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