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Can I Handle A Divorce Without An Attorney?

Can I handle a divorce without an attorney?

When you take a look around today’s social landscape, it is not hard to see why people feel empowered to believe they can file suit on their own. The internet with Legal Zoom and similar companies offering support for individuals seeking to resolve legal issues on a limited budget. They appear to offer cheap alternatives to those in need of help who believe, naively, that all they need is a few documents and general guidance. Our overall economy although vibrant and growing by all accounts has seen over the last three to four decades the evisceration of the middle class and blue-collar work shipped overseas, leaving most people with very little disposable income for things like an attorney’s retainer fee. If you or your spouse have any personal property whether that is a house, cars, retirement, cash, or even possessions you brought into the marriage, we are not dealing with a simple divorce, as well as if there are any children born of the marriage we are not dealing with a simple divorce. Almost no one is aware prior to deciding to file divorce on their own, that the county staff attorney must review all pro se final decree orders submitted to the court for signature or that there is a massive waiting list to have a pro se divorce trial on the merits. Having legal representation in your divorce can help to avoid any unnecessary docket delay, and in cases not requiring active litigation, can result in a divorce being finalized shortly after the expiration of the statutory 60-day waiting period.

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