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When Can Temporal Spousal Support Be Granted?

When can temporal spousal support be granted?

Temporary spousal support more often than not will be granted in favor of a spouse when he or she can establish a disparity and earnings in conjunction with need. To add to that equation, children and mortgage liabilities and you have a recipe for a potentially burdensome financial obligation at least through temporary orders. What is important to note here is, it is potentially only valid through temporary orders and not through final orders or final decree. A particularly skillful attorney will be sure to have his client fully prepared for this issue at temporary orders so as to avoid damaging his or her client’s financial situation pending the conclusion of the hearing. If it is ordered, it is imperative the attorney pursues trial on the merits quickly as these orders will stay effective until the conclusion of the case which could be a year or more into the future if not diligently pursued. Conversely, if a client is in need of funds to carry through to the final hearing much preparation is needed to be able to present the situation in a favorable manner.

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