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Tis the Season…For Divorce?

My wife, half jokingly, brought to my attention this week an article inMarketWatch that claimed this week, and the entire month of January are the most popular every year to file for divorce. The reasoning? It ranged from lacking the gall to sue their spouse and/or divide the family during the holiday, to reaping potential tax benefits by filing and finishing divorce in the same calendar year. Despite their attempt to be informative, the idea tax advantages could or should motivate when to file for divorce is laughable. One statement that struck me from this commentary however, was the comment that there is never a perfect “time” for divorce. For my brothers and sisters who are on their spiritual journey, this is a complete misstatement. We know there is no “time”, there is only “now”. Why do I mention this? Well, because if you have reached the point in life where you are contemplating divorce from a spouse, things like seasons of the year, or tax benefits are trivial at best, and irrelevant at worst. The fundamental question YOU must answer is this…NOW, in this MOMENT, are you READY for divorce? This is a question that should be explored with a therapist, or an attorney. There is a reason I consider myself an Attorney AND Counselor at law. Are there in fact tax issues involved in the divorce process? Of course there are, but those issues should NEVER inform when you file for divorce. If you are considering divorce, speak with someone of sound mind with experience in these matters. Let me be your light in the wilderness. (210) 247-9101. The consultation is always free.

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