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The Criteria That The Court Uses To Decide On Custody Matters

What is the criteria that the court uses to decide on custody matters?

Attorney Jason Cruz explains that: The net criteria in which the court is operating under is the best interest, what is, the best interest of the children. Unfortunately, there is no statutory bright-line language that the courts have to follow to determine what best interest means. There is a series of cases that have been decided by the Appellate Court in Texas that goes through all types of situations and language in which they found supported a finding of best interest. I would say that common sense really dictates this area, it is hard to determine what clearly the best interest is and it is more of a common-sense approach. Continuing in frequent contact with both parents is of paramount importance to the courts when determining the best interests of the child or children. Stability in a parent’s life, stability in their employment in their living environment and the children’s schooling all of those issues are clearly factors that a court will look at or lean on when determining what the best interest of a child is. Obviously, the relationship that the child or the children have with the other parent is of great importance to the judge when determining what the best interests are. There is not a set list of things that the court is going to follow they have a very broad discretion when either considering evidence or taking into account factors with which they use to decide what the best interests of the child are.

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