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San Antonio Divorce Lawyer with a Proven Record…

I’ve successfully handled all levels of divorce and custody cases – from simple to complex for nearly a decade.
I have fought for the rights of over 200 families with their legal issues and I want to assist you in fighting for your interest in your divorce. If you are facing a divorce with no property and no children involved, call me at 210-201-5603 , I will work with you to maneuver the legal process to ensure that we reach resolution swiftly and economically. If you are looking for a San Antonio Family Law Attorney to help you with :


  • Contested Divorce Cases
  • Uncontested Divorce Cases
  • Divorces for Medical and Dental Professionals and Business Owners
  • Property and Debt Division
  • Child Custody Disputes and Modification
  • Grandparents Seeking Visitation or Custody
  • Interstate Custody Cases
  • International Custody Cases
  • Premarital Agreements and Postmarital Agreements

Then call an experienced San Antonio Divorce Lawyer today! Call 210-201-5603

Thinking About Going It Alone…

Don’t let others tell you that you can handle a divorce yourself without competent legal representation; you need to make sure that your legal rights are fought for and protected throughout the process of divorce. I have represented dozens of clients who have needed to return to court to fix situations caused by poor representation which could have been easily and afford-ably avoided had proper legal representation been obtained in the first place. Don’t cheat yourself out of the representation that you deserve.
I will work with you to help you get through your divorce so that you can close this difficult chapter of your life and move on to the next.

San Antonio Child Custody Attorney and Child Support Lawyer

I am often asked ” Will i be able to get full or sole custody?” In the past many family law courts would automatically award custody of children to the mother. However, it has been found the children of divorce benefit with equal time with both parents. exceptions to this are when: one parent is the primary parental figure or care giver, the other parent absent, or if there is a history of criminal or irrational behavior. All of these conditions could sway the opinion of he court. When you come in for your Free consultation we can discuss the type of custody arrangement you can expect to be awarded based on your role with your child prior to your divorce. How much child support will you have to pay. I have authored an article on the topic of Calculating Child Support in Texas this article with give you a basic understanding on how the law determines how much child support you are obligated to pay.
A divorce with children is never easy and it is important to make sure that your child’s best interests are protected. I will fight hard for you and be honest with you where you stand on your case and discuss all alternatives with you to make sure that you make the best choice for you and your family. At the end of the day, I aim to ensure that your children are in a situation that is both positive and nurturing, while the parents learn how to successfully co-parent.

Fighting For All You Are Entitled To Under The Law

If it is your assets, and not children, that need protection, then I want to get you through the process of divorced with your fair share of personal and real property accumulated during the marriage. I will work together with you to develop a plan to economically avoid a costly trial while resolving the legal issues. Additionally, I will work with you to ensure that you are awarded all that you are entitled to under Texas Law.

Child Custody With Special Circumstances

Child custody between never married parents or other family members can be very complex and if you are facing such a situation, you need to seek competent legal representation. If you are fighting for custody of a child or considering suing a parent or other family member for custody of a child, I have fought for many such cases and will help you navigate the often confusing legal process. There are many things to consider when you are involved in a child custody case not related to a divorce and it is especially important that you work with an experienced and competent attorney who will educate you about your legal rights and handle the case in a way that protects such rights, while ensuring that your child is affected with as little negativity as possible and you are able to successfully co-parent with the other parent or guardian.

I work closely with my clients to protect their emotional and financial interests and to ensure that their legal rights are protected to the letter of the law. The attorney and client relationship is one of trust. Trust that I will be your light in the wilderness. Call San Antonio Divorce Lawyer Jason Cruz today to fight for you. Call (210) 247-9101 for a free consultation today!

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