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Misconceptions About Division Of Assets And Debts In A Divorce In Texas

What are the misconceptions about divisions of assets and debts in a divorce in Texas?

One of the misconceptions I deal with all the time is spouses believing that they are going to somehow recoup money that was spent during the marriage that they did not receive any benefit from – by that I mean, they might say my husband spent thousands and thousands of dollars on this that or the other and I never got anything and I want that money back. You may have a claim to having either the marital estate or separate estate reimbursed, if there is no money at the time of the divorce then you are not really going to be able to recover anything. It seems like a lot of people believe that they are somehow going to be made whole once they file for divorce just because one spouse acted poorly or wrongly unless there is money to be actually attached to or to grab then it is too-bad-so-sad maybe you should have done something earlier. The other thing I also see to is spouses not being proactive and trying to put money away or put money aside once they start seeing that things may be going poorly or array in the marriage because, if you do not do anything to secure your assets and your money and it is spent, it is very hard to get that back unless there is retirement or something that can be fought over that has accumulated during the marriage.

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