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Is There Any Way To Expedite A Divorce In Texas?

If the parties are in agreement on everything it is possible to expedite a divorce. You can get the order signed and ready to enter within 60 days and on the 61st day you can be in the courthouse getting the final order signed by a judge.

Absent agreement of both parties, however, the litigation process has to play out. Sometimes that takes time. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s going to take six months. However, you have to expect that when the parties are not in agreement and it’s not a fully agreed to divorce, then it’s very likely it’s going to take some months to finalize.

How Would You Define A Successful Outcome In A Divorce Case?

Attorney Jason Cruz has heard the old saying, “You always know the equitable or just outcome was reached in a divorce when both parties are unhappy.”

The reality is when you’re terminating a relationship both parties have gone from a unified position to contrasting positions. With the tug of war that follows, no party is going to get everything that they want. Attorney Jason Cruz always tries to set a rational and reasonable expectation with his clients from day one. He finds that if he is able to set a rational and reasonable expectation on the outcome of the case from day one, then he feels confident that no matter what the circumstances are, there will be a favorable outcome.

What Are Some Red Flags To Consider When Retaining A Divorce Attorney In Texas?

You always want to be wary of any divorce attorney that promises you anything, let alone promises you a certain sum of money or custody in the final outcome. Always be wary of any attorney promising anything, because by its very nature the attorney doesn’t control anything. The attorney essentially is your tool to present your case in a light most favorable to you. That’s all the attorney has control over is how they present your case. They don’t have any control over what the judge decides. They don’t have any control over what a jury decides. Therefore, if an attorney is promising you anything I would be very skeptical.

An attorney who promises anything is feeding off your desire to wrap the divorce up very quickly. Again, all they are trying to do is settle the case and take your money. Although it’s possible to wrap these cases up in several months, sometimes it’s completely out of the control of the attorney. There are forces at play which the attorney does not have control over.

How Long Does It Typically Take To Have A Divorce Finalized In Texas?

The minimum waiting period from the date of filing to the date you can actually finalize your divorce is 60 days. It really does vary from case to case so it’s hard to give an average as all divorces are different. Everyone starts the process and thinks they have an easy divorce and that it’s going to be quick. However, in actual practice sometimes it’s beyond the attorney or party’s control on how quickly a case moves. Attorney Cruz sets the expectation that from the time when you are entering the divorce process, you need to expect that it’s going to take at least six months. Can it go under six months? Absolutely, but it’s one of these situations where it’s not that easy to control.

Is There A Required Period Of Separation Before Filing For A Divorce In Texas?

There is no period of which you must wait to file a divorce. There is a statutory cooling off period from the time that you actually file your divorce petition and the time that you can enter a final decree of divorce. That statutory cooling off period is 60 days. Technically speaking, it can be waived, but only under very limited circumstances. You would have to petition the court for a waiver of the 60 day waiting period. If the court grants it, then the court could grant your divorce earlier than 60 days from the date of filing.

Additional Information Regarding Divorce Cases In Texas

If you are thinking about divorce, then it is Attorney Jason Cruz’s experience it is more than likely going to happen. He finds the best thing you can do is take 45 minutes to an hour and go meet with an experienced attorney and his office does not charge for the consultation. Therefore, it really should cost you nothing for the peace of mind to explore the situation rather than sit on it and wait for things to get worse. If you do that you could potentially compromise your situation to the point where you may jeopardize your standing in the suit and the potential divorce. Don’t procrastinate. Don’t wish it away. Just meet with somebody.

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