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How Can Someone Prepare For An Impending Divorce In Texas?

First and foremost if you are anticipating divorce, you need to always expect that it’s going to be adversarial and contentious. Although the two of you may have the best intentions, you need to go in expecting that it’s going to be ugly because at least 70 to 75% of the time it is. You need to examine what your weaknesses are. Have you been unfaithful, or has your partner been unfaithful? If so, do you have any evidence? Can you get any evidence? Has there been any type of abuse or neglect of the? If so, is there evidence? Can you get any proof or evidence of such conduct? Has there been any type of abuse or neglect of the children from the marriage? If so, can you get, or can you gather any evidence or proof of such?

Those are really hot-button issues and things that can flip a case right from the outset right from the beginning. You want to make sure that whichever position you’re sitting in, that you button your case up really quickly to make sure that you’re ready to roll in the court when that day comes.

Outside of the immediate safety measures, you always want to meet with an attorney as quickly as possible. Even if you are not convinced that you want divorce but are contemplating doing so, you want to sit down with an attorney right away. Especially someone that’s been in the game for awhile and knows what’s going on, knows how the process works and can listen to your story and will map out a plan for you; whether you go with that attorney or not.

Most likely there’s not an initial financial commitment to sit down and talk with somebody. Most attorneys will offer a free initial consultation. Now that’s not always a blanket statement. A lot of attorneys do charge. Attorney Jason Cruz, however, does not. He offers a free initial consultation and is able to sit down with you and go over your case, figure out what the roadmap is.

Another thing you can do in preparation for divorce is to always make sure you have access to money. You always want to make sure that you have access to a credit card if you need it. There’s nothing that prevents you from applying and getting a credit card in your name to ensure that you have access to capital. Additionally there is nothing preventing you from opening up a separate account and setting money aside in expectation of litigation. If there are possessions that you cherish and feel may become subject to dispute, try to secure those. If you have social media, you may want to lock those accounts down because they always become subject to cross-examination and blotter for hearings. Those usually don’t turn out well if they do exist. Conversely, if your spouse has social media that you have access to you might want to try and secure that so you can use it against him or her.

Why Is It Important For A Couple To Hire Separate Attorneys For A Divorce Case?

It is important for a couple to hire separate attorneys in a divorce due to the potential for a conflict of interest. If an attorney agrees to represent a couple in a divorce, the moment the two parties fail to see eye to eye on the actual terms or specific terms of the divorce, and one of the spouses decides to hire their own attorney, the original attorney would theoretically be forced to withdraw from the case.

For example, let’s say a husband wants to get divorced and believes it will be amicable. He tells his wife and they go ahead and put the initial outlay of money out so they can do an amicable agreed divorce.

Later he and his wife don’t see eye to eye on the terms and she ends up going to hire an attorney. That means all of the money the husband has spent on the initial attorney will have gone to complete waste. That attorney then has to withdraw from the case, and the husband is stuck spending another retainer on bringing another entirely new attorney up to speed.

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