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In modern society the traditional role of the father has changed dramatically, not in terms of importance in the lives of children, but in regards to the way Texas, and more specifically Bexar County, Courts view father’s as legitimate and often times the significantly better parent in which to serve as the primary custodian of the children.  This represents a sea change from the traditional legal view of the mother as proper primary parent.  This new paradigm holds true even for father’s who were never married to the child’s mother, or who may currently be unwed or in new relationships or marriages, with a different set of children.

As a Father and an Attorney, I take pride in representing, supporting and protecting the parental rights and visitation and access rights of father’s in San Antonio.  Your legal rights are certain, but unless you obtain proper advice and excellent representation, you may be taken advantage of and may lose out on an opportunity to be able to establish the legal residence of the child, or worse be denied extended access and visitation of the children.  Don’t settle for less than what you and your children deserve, I will advocate for you and together we will assert your legal rights to the full extent Texas law provides.  Call (210) 247-9101.

Sometimes the mother of the children will deny a father access to his children when child support becomes an issue.  This behavior is wrong and is not supported by the law.  You can enforce your court orders for access and visitation even if there is an ongoing dispute regarding child support.  Repeated violations of the Court order by the mother could lead to sanctions, contempt, attorney’s fees, and even potentially a change in custody.  Give me a call at (210) 247-9101 to see what can be done if your children are being denied visitation with you. As a San Antonio Father’s Rights Attorney I want your children to be part of your life.

Child support is always a hotly contested issue between parents.  Many times a mother and father are splitting possession of the children and the mother still demands she be paid child support.  Do not give in to these demands.  You may not be obligated to pay child support according to the guidelines established under Texas law, and in some cases you may not have to pay any support at all.  Let me evaluate your case for free, to see if your situation qualifies for either a reduction, or elimination of your support obligation.  Call (210) 247-9101.

Unsure of whether or not you are the biological father?  Parentage can be challenged and sometimes even after you have carried on as the father for some period of time.  If you believe you are not the father, you can contest parentage and demand proof before your legal and financial obligations attach.  Call San Antonio Father’s Rights Attorney Jason Cruz at (210) 247-9101 to see how I can help.

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