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Child Protective Services

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services (TDFPS), or Child Protective Services (CPS), are a large and powerful Texas state agency charged with investigating child abuse and neglect referrals called into their hotline.  No matter how minor such complaints may in fact be, once a referral is made, it must be investigated and a determination regarding that referral must be made.  The fact is child abuse does exist, and is a very serious issue affecting the Bexar County community.  However, a very large percentage of referrals made in Texas are unfounded, and end up resulting in needless and burdensome oversight of families, often resulting in fractured relationships and broken families.

Have you been accused of abuse and or neglect of your children?  Has a family or neighbor falsely accused you of harming your children?  Many times it is the ones we are closest to who will make referrals to CPS in an attempt to wrestle your children away from you.  You can defend yourself from these attacks.  Deny any and all allegations you are faced with, and deny CPS any access to your home or to your person until you speak with and qualified or knowledgeable attorney well versed in the tactics utilized by CPS.  Call me at (210) 247-9101 and see how I can assist you immediately.

Absent extraordinary circumstances, CPS cannot force their way into your home, or remove your children from you without a court order.  Likewise, many parents are fooled or intimidated into signing safety plans and or service plans under color of law when in fact they have no authority to compel such without a valid court order.  Do not sign anything CPS puts in front of you.  Demand time to speak with an attorney before you agree to anything CPS asks of you.  I have been advocating for parents like you for over 7 years, call me at (210) 247-9101 to see how I can help.

Many times CPS will ask you to be supervised at all times with your children.  Worse, they often demand that you either move out of your own home, or that you place your children in the home of someone else.  These demands are often extraordinary and unjustified by the facts at hand.  Contact me at (210) 247-9101 to see what options may be available to avoid such a heavy burden on you and your children.

Have you already agreed to CPS’s demands out of fear?  Have you signed off on a safety plan that you don’t believe is in the best interest of you and your children?  Hope is not lost, and it is not too late to assert your legal rights.  If you feel you have been taken advantage of, please call me at (210) 247-9101 to see what can be done to undue the damage wrought in your family’s life.

Are you a grandparent, aunt, uncle or even distant relative with an interest in children who are helplessly stuck in a foster home or even a shelter?  Has CPS ignored or outright denied your request to have the children placed with you?  Do not settle for the answers CPS is giving you.  Call me now at (210) 247-9101 and let me advise you on what steps can be taken to get your relatives home to you.  In many instances placement can be achieved even when a home study contains negative findings against you.

I have been successfully litigating cases on behalf of parents against Child Protective Services for over seven years.  I know the system, and know how to get your children home and get CPS out of your life.  Your situation is not hopeless, you have rights, and with my help, we will assert those rights and fight to get your children back where they belong, with their rightful parents.

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