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Child Custody

Child Custody Lawyer, Jason Cruz

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Are you stuck in a failed marriage you need to get out of? Do you have children that are caught in the middle? How will all the property and debts of the marriage be divided? Divorce is a sensitive issue, with many land mines and pitfalls that must be navigated by a professional with experience in these areas. I have been assisting men and women navigate these waters for over ten years. Put my knowledge and experience to work in addressing your custody and property issues. Call now for a free consultation at (210) 247-9101.

Unhappy with your current custody arrangement? Feel that you children’s needs are not being met by the primary parent? Or maybe your children are expressing a desire to spend more time with you. Custody battles, although extremely difficult for children, are sometimes necessary. Call me so we can discuss the circumstances and issues surrounding the children. I will give you an honest and straightforward answer about changing conservatorship, and what it will take to be successful. Call me for a free consultation at (210) 247-9101.

Jason Cruz

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