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Do I Have to Pay Her Spousal Maintenance?

I took a call yesterday from a very concerned elderly man wanting advice. His primary concern? Will I have to pay my wife Spousal Maintenance when I file divorce. This is a question that comes up very frequently, and one that men typically pose. I wish it was one that could be answered in a simple, straightforward manner as a yes or a no. However, it is a complicated and fact specific inquiry that requires knowledge of the law, knowledge of the facts, and as an attorney, experience in how to present your case. Either when you are seeking to… Read More

Tis the Season…For Divorce?

My wife, half jokingly, brought to my attention this week an article inMarketWatch that claimed this week, and the entire month of January are the most popular every year to file for divorce. The reasoning? It ranged from lacking the gall to sue their spouse and/or divide the family during the holiday, to reaping potential tax benefits by filing and finishing divorce in the same calendar year. Despite their attempt to be informative, the idea tax advantages could or should motivate when to file for divorce is laughable. One statement that struck me from this commentary however, was the comment… Read More

Can’t Afford To Pay A Divorce Lawyer? Why You Can’t Afford Not To Pay!

I often speak with people who are seeking divorce from their spouse, and after asking me a number of procedural questions regarding the mechanics of filing for divorce, they eventually disclose that they cannot afford an attorney, and are interested in filing for divorce on their own, what is referred to in the field as a “pro se” divorce. Inevitably, these are the same people who believe they have what is commonly referred to as a “simple divorce”, and believe they can handle the suit themselves. When you take a look around todays social landscape, it is not hard to… Read More

Proven Commitment to Service

On 11/5/14 I participated in a question an answer forum on the campus of St. Mary’s School of Law with current Law Student’s discussing the many different aspects of practicing in the area of Family Law in San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas.  My core message…your REPUTATION is EVERYTHING in this business.  How have I cultivated my reputation at a family law attorney?  Honesty, Integrity, Courage and Hard Work.  These core principles make up my promise to each one of my former and current clients as I walk with them through the many difficulties we are all faced with in this life.  If you… Read More

About My Law Practice

I am a no nonsense, honest and hard-working lawyer focusing in the areas of Family Law, Child Protective Services Defense, and Criminal Law.  I received my law degree from St. Mary’s Law School, and my undergraduate degree from UT San Antonio.  I was born and raised in San Antonio.  I have a deep connection to this community, and have dedicated my service to the residents of Bexar County, guiding them through life’s everyday problems.  Call me at  to set up your free consultation today and put my seven years of experience in the San Antonio legal community to work for… Read More

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