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Are There Different Types Of Custody In Texas?

Are there are different types of custody in Texas?

Attorney Jason Cruz explains that there are only two types of custody laws in the state of Texas. It is either a joint managing conservator or sole managing conservator.

If one parent is the sole managing conservator then the other parent is the possessory conservatory by default. What it means to be a possessory conservatory is that you are essentially given either a standard of visitation or something less than a standard of visitation which is essentially every other weekend.

Although you have the right to confer with the other parent regarding any issues that are going on with the child whether those be medical, educational or any issues that are pertinent to the child’s well-being, you do have the right to consult with that parent and receive information but it would be the sole managing conservator that typically possesses the right to decide who the children’s physicians will be counselors dentists and as well as educational issues.

The sole managing conservator typically possesses all the genuine power regarding all the decisions revolving around the child and the possessory essentially just has the right to be informed.

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